Kwong Chin-wai


Curated by Kwong Chin-wai, the project brings together five local young composers, namely, Lawrence Lau, Larry Shuen, So Ho-chi, Cheung Ching-yu and Giovanni Santini, in a showcase of digitally oriented original compositions. These works combine elements of live performance, electronic music, video recording, VR technologies, ambisonics, virtual sound walk and interaction with audiences, thereby transforming various online platforms into primary sites of creative music making and appreciation.

Cheung Ching-yu, Annisa

A sound artist, composer based in Hong Kong, Annisa Cheung studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, Netherlands, and is a Bachelor degree holder in Composition and Electronic Music at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Giovanni Santini

Giovanni Santini holds a Ph.D. in Music Composition at Hong Kong Baptist University. His doctoral research has been focused on new forms of notation and new musical interfaces in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Larry Shuen

Composer, sound and new media artist Larry Shuen’s artistic practice includes concert music, electroacoustic improvisation, generative sound installations, interactive programming and other new media works. Currently, Shuen is a composition research student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

So Ho-chi

So Ho-chi’s creative output ranges from instrumental chamber works, vocal and choral works to orchestral work, multimedia productions and electroacoustic works. So Ho-chi is currently pursuing the Master of Composition in The Royal Conservatoire The Hague.

Lau Hiu-kong, Lawrence

Lau Hiu-kong, Lawrence graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Electronic Music from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong. Lau’s works span composition, live performance, audio visual art, and media artworks.

Kwong Chin-wai

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kwong Chin-wai’s creative output ranges from orchestral and choral music to works written for all types of chambers ensembles and solo performers. His compositions have been featured in various festivals in Asia and Europe. Currently an Artist Associate of Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Kwong has also been actively involved in promoting contemporary music in the scene.

Explore Music Works Online, Discover New Possibilities

In our contemporary experience, the Internet is no longer merely a carrier of existing content and information, but has long become a medium and dimension where content could be spontaneously created by people in their contacts and interactions. The specificity and performativity that have been developed in online experience has turned it into a kind of unique experiential orientation, something more than merely being an alternative or extension to our real life experience.

AfterLive takes music as the starting point. Five composers of diverse backgrounds, each in their respective commissioned works, interpret the creative possibilities in orienting towards an online experience. The series of works is not merely a production of music tracks to be streamed online. Setting out from each artist’s personal experience and practice, these works reimagine and redefine our contemporary experience on the Internet, via music and how music involves other sensory medium when exhibited online. The domain that they explore include the boundaries between intangible virtuality and tangible reality, the states of manipulating and being manipulated in programmed interaction, and the inter-translatability and inter-contextuality of sounds, text and images.

The specificity of each work in the series is established on its nature as an online experience. An audience’s experience in viewing the work online would be the first-hand experience of how the work is exhibited, whereas the situation of this experience would be the only scene where the works take place. Unlike offline reality, the boundaries and conditions in such a scene do not originate from an objective set of physical laws or orders of nature, but are instead shaped by our habits and expectations in our collective experience. All the seemingly self-evident logic, patterns, contradictions and blind spots in the process are derived from our ways of experiencing this specific situation.

When the Internet becomes the scene for experience, works in such a scene would create (and be granted) expressions, narratives, languages and ways of being that would in turn become the essence and truth exemplified in such a reality constructed by virtuality.

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