Applied Theatre Interactive Digital Database : Digital Museum of Theatre Games

Hong Kong Drama / Theatre and Education Forum

Applied Theatre Interactive Digital Database : Digital Museum of Theatre Games

This project is the first stage of TEFO’s Applied Theatre Online Co-Learning Practice/ Community Service programme. This online platform features theatre games, with the aim to encourage reflection, refine communication and enhance the individual’s awareness of attitude and behaviour through a series of interactive learning experiences. While the interactive experiences bring the simple pleasure of play, these also increase our awareness of the five senses and help establish a deeper connection with others. The Digital Museum of Theatre Games consists of four major features, including online interactive experiences, theatre game play demonstration videos, theatre games resource database and theatre games ambassador training.

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Hong Kong Drama/ Theatre and Education Forum

The Hong Kong Drama / Theatre and Education Forum (TEFO) aims to promote practices of applied theatre in different sectors of society. As a multidisciplinary art form, theatre puts different disciplines, cultures and arts in conversation with one another, deepening our artistic literacy and collective understanding of humanity. We then foster new relationships with deeper understanding of ourselves, others, society and the world, empowering the individual and society as a whole to enact transformation.

An Interactive Platform for Novices and Pros in Theatre Games

Theatre games are widely employed to cater for a multitude of purposes, such as education, training, development, creation, as well reflection upon one’s life. While the pandemic creates a new normal in terms of social interaction, the spontaneous and interactive features of theatre games boast the advantage of easy adaptability for the internet. Therefore, TEFO created the “Digital Museum of Theatre Games” website which is open to users from all backgrounds and purposes. Through interactive activities, the website provides the users with various samples of theatre games and other helpful information, making the search and exploration an interesting and self-driven experience.

“Digital Museum of Theatre Games” is divided into two main areas: Player’s area and Facilitator’s area. In the Player’s Area, the user will be led through simple interactive games that aim to provoke your imagination and awareness. This area also features several video clips of theatre games at the end of the visit. In the Facilitator’s Area, the museum guide will help you analyse your strength and how you can improve your game facilitation skills based on clues in your perspective on life. The guide will also make suggestions on relevant theatre game and facilitation tips for the user. Users can also sign up for the “Theatre Games Ambassador Training Program”. After completing 4 sessions of online workshops, the participants can apply these games to their communities and using them across various sectors of society.

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