Cantonese Opera Jigsaw Puzzle

Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop

Cantonese Opera Jigsaw Puzzle

Maestro Yuen Siu-fai will be joined by a group of renowned Cantonese opera artists in a twelve-part video series introducing aspects of Cantonese opera, such as the makeup, costume and performance styles of various stock characters. Each video will be preceded by an introduction performed in Nanyin, a narrative song unique to Cantonese culture. The content will be presented in Cantonese, supplemented with English subtitles. Viewers can voice their queries at the end of each episode and receive feedback from the Cantonese opera experts themselves.

Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop

Founded in 2010, Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop is dedicated to the promotion, research and education of Cantonese opera. Led by the esteemed maestro Yuen Siu-fai and performing arts curator-producer Barbara Tang, the company has organised numerous Cantonese opera events in Hong Kong and overseas. These efforts are met with critical acclaim and wide approval among the Cantonese opera industry and the cultural arts practitioners of Hong Kong.

Esteemed Artist Curates Characterisation and Conventions in Cantonese Opera

Episode 1 – Introducing the “Wu-san” (martial male characters)

Episode 2 – Painted Face (Monkey King) and “Wah-wah San” (Nezha)

Episode 3 – Fighting Scenes and Stage Weapons

Episode 4 – “Siu San” (supporting male role)

Episode 5 – “Far-dan” (female characters)

Episode 6 – “Kiu” (tiny shoes)

Episode 7 – Painted Face and Lady Comedian

Episode 8 – “So-san” (bearded male characters)

Episode 9 – The Skill of Riding and Pushing the Carriage

Episode 10 – Demonstration and Instruction of the “whip”

Episode 11 – Demonstration and instruction of the “long sleeves”

Episode 12 – Demonstration of opera excerpts