Free Walk In

Chan Sai-lok

Free Walk In

The project aspires to be a caring and supportive companion to the under-resourced alternative art spaces and artists. It endeavours to create virtual reality exhibitions for their current exhibitions and establish methods of appreciation and evaluation to reach out to a wider audience.

Chan Sai-lok

As an artist and writer based in Hong Kong, Chan Sai-lok ranges across fields of art and literary practice, education, art criticism and gender studies. Chan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree, in addition to a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His exhibition catalogue, The Countenance of Text and Everyday Practice, was published. Chan was one of the editors of Qiuying poetry magazine. He is an executive committee member of The House of Hong Kong Literature. Chan is currently a part-time lecturer in universities, a co-founder of art-critic-collective Art Appraisal Club and the guest host of an art programme in Metro Radio.

Virtual Exhibition Experience Curated by Expert Art Critics

With the abounding art and cultural exhibitions in Hong Kong, there is a need for effective communication between the audience and the curators, artists, exhibitions and works. One of the most important roles of the art critic is to demonstrate and suggest ways of appreciation, as well as to analyse the intentions and characteristics of the artist’s works. This project brings together seasoned art critics and local independents artists, to provide support and publicity for the comprehensive documentation of the latter’s exhibitions. The creative team also wishes to expand the communal exhibition beyond museums, art groups and commercial galleries.

Between November 2020 and June 2021, the project will present six independent exhibitions with the following initiatives:

A. Dynamic Virtual Reality Tour Exhibition Archive and Review

In addition to the display of images, photographs and videos, the production team aims at creating an “immersive” exhibition experience through the screen for the audience via strategically designed virtual routes, viewing angles, presentation of detailed contents and data accommodations. The art critic would provide commentary and highlights of the exhibition in terms of the overall framework, genre or theme.

B. Artwork Review Videos

The video focuses on a noteworthy artwork in the exhibition for a detailed discussion. The method of discussion varies from work to work and could range from an analysis of the art forms and styles, to an explanation based on the knowledge of art history, or an anatomy of the artist’s sentiments and artistic preferences. The video could also simply offer an interpretation and explain to the audience what is moving or unique about the work. In addition, artists are also invited to present their perspectives in a dialogue with the critics.

C. Short Artwork Review Essays

A series of short written reviews will provide additional insights on the exhibition has to offer beyond the previous two components. The written word facilitate scholarly and serious discussions, and it can be supplemented by illustrations, quotations and comparisons to other works. Through repeated viewings and readings, reader can digest and ruminate on the critics’ point of views, and to appreciate the importance of an inference made with logical reasoning and emotional experience.

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