Drama Collaboratory


Inter-Face explores the complexity of faces by integrating science, medicine, forensic science, visual art, light art, theatre, music, cognitive psychology, anthropology, and the study of death into the project.

It aims to rediscover the entangled relationship between art and science in this unpredictable and constantly changing world through opening up and reconfiguring the well-established and highly institutionalised systems of art and science. The cross-disciplinary perspective and art forms including artist presentations, dialogue and installation performance will enlighten us to envision the world anew and march into the unknown.

Drama COLLABoratory

Drama COLLABoratory is a Hong Kong-based creative duo founded by Amy Chan (light artist, theatre practitioner and practicing pathologist) and Natalie Cheung (dramaturg, director, producer and drama educator). Their recent collaborative work includes The Hong Kong Plague of 1894, a site-specific interdisciplinary theatre performance and multimedia installation project, the solo performance of Morbid Anatomy performed in a hospital pathology teaching laboratory, and the light installation-performance HYPER-PLASIA. The duo focuses on both artistic practice and research to explore the diverse potentiality of theatre and the theoretical frameworks behind the practices. They have given presentations at international conferences and their research efforts are published in the peer-reviewed journal Critical Stages. The duo has also invited Professor Hans-Thies Lehmann, an internationally acclaimed theatre scholar and the author of Postdramatic Theatre, to deliver a lecture series on contemporary theatre in Hong Kong.

Looking Into the Complexity of the Human Face From Multiple Perspectives

Inter-Face Installation Performance

Human beings long for seeing faces and everything underneath and innermost. We measure, examine, fabricate and disguise faces, which trouble and entangle all the standards, norms, classifications and definitions.

Light, water, metal, electricity, clay, nucleotide, image, space, sound…
converging, dissolving and involuting with time.
The infinite pathways of diffraction.

Date: 22/5 – 19/6/2021
Time: 12:00 – 20:30
Location: L208, CCCD, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Inter-Face Live Jamming

The explosion of potentiality of installation performance!
In between no/boundaries, light, water, metal, electricity, clay, nucleotide, shadow and space intertwining with electronic music or people, to deconstruct, to polymerize, to involute. The ongoing transformation and re/configuration diffract to re/form a/new. A discontinuous exploration of different im/possible pathways — before a lightning stroke explodes and shatters the darkness.

Date: 12 & 13/6/2021
Time: 15:00 (Electronic Music), 17:00 (People)
Location: L208, CCCD, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Dialogue on Face Series

Conducted by three speakers from their respective professions, the cross-disciplinary dialogues explore further into the unknown areas between the similarities and differences among art, science and forensic facial imaging: the subtle and counteracting relationships between the part and the whole; the entanglement and juxtaposition of objectivity and personalization; the thinking beyond the mutual service of art and science.