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New Writing Go Digital

The project comprises three items, namley NEW WRITING: AN ACTOR’S APPROACH 2021 – Live Irruption / Pool (no water), music for airport and Waking Dreams in 1984 – Director’s Cut, presented as three digital productions and one live performance. The inspiration originates from selected works in the Contemporary Writing for Theatre initiative of On & On. Part of the existing works will be adapted accordingly to resonate with the current pandemic situation. The above items will be released on a specific website, thus allowing audience find multifarious enjoyment in the virtual and real-time presentations.

On & On Theatre Workshop Company Limited

Established in 1998, On & On Theatre Workshop is a professional theatre company supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Focusing on contemporary theatre and cultural development, On & On has endeavoured to explore independent space for innovative creations. Since its residency at the Cattle Depot Artist Village in 2001, On & On has been pioneering the establishment of the Cattle Depot Theatre, the first public venue for performance independently run by a theatre company in Hong Kong.

Expanding and Remaking of On & On Classics

The past year has been extremely challenging for practitioners of various performing arts, who managed one hurdle after another on top of lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing measures. As a result, the creative team at On & On Theatre Workshop is motivated to explore new modes of theatrical presentations and to test out the potentials in each. From March to May 2021, we shall keep the wheel of creativity turning with a series updated and revamped classic productions.

Waking Dreams in 1984 -Director’s Cut

A group of educated youths found themselves at a crossroads as they quieted down from the turbulence of the 70s and got thrown into a new, thriving 80s. In an abandoned British-style mansion there came two brothers, Hei and Ho, who each forged a new life while being caught between the past and future. Hei, the younger one, spent some time in Europe, where he trod a solitary path, struggling to step out of the shadow of his elder brother—only if he could shed his dreams and memories to seal the rift in time. On the other hand, Ho decided to leave the past behind and entered the film industry. While standing at the junction between art and commerce, he was also oscillating between despondency and silence, wielding a sword of revenge. Tensions soared as the brothers confronted each other in their reunion, under the eye of writer Fa, who secluded herself up in the mansion—and the scene reignited the spark that had long been dead in the onlooker’s heart. Another critical moment in history unfolded, ushering in a brutal reality. What should the characters do when faced with difficult choices at the dawn of this new epoch?

On & On Theatre Workshop presents a new adaptation of writer-director Chan Ping-chiu’s acclaimed work Waking Dreams in 1984. Written in 1985 and based on historical facts, the production premiered in 2016 and won Best Play at the Hong Kong Drama Awards and Script/Playwright of the Year at the IATC (HK) Critics Awards. The new production features original cast member Leung Tin-chak, plus Lau Chun-him and Cecilia Choi – two of Hong Kong’s most sought-after new generation actors – in the lead roles.

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Music for Airport

Stella is an air stewardess with a sweet smile. Her profession has taught her to remain calm and maintains a reassuring presence in front of passengers in face of crises. On her way to work one day, the internet is interrupted. Stella experiences a throbbing headache while stranded on the bus to the airport. The memory of her former colleague Yanki, who has disappeared after an air disaster began to haunt her again. All that Yanki had left behind was a near hysterical final voice message before her demise. The half-conscious Stella was shaken by a loud explosion. There has been a terrorist attack at the airport.

True to her profession, Stella calms herself, “I am not like my sister. I take the horror stories with a grain of salt, and they are nothing but fiction.”

The text of Music for Airport originated from Ballads of Explosion, created by Wong Hin-yan, Vee Leong and Snow Huang in 2019. The current production transforms the theatre version into a film version, in which Wong Hin-yan takes on multiple roles as director, editor, composer and sound designer. Movie director Wong Fei-pang also joins the team in cinematography, providing special emphasis on the nuanced reaction of the characters in face of unforeseen upheavals and crises.

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NEW WRITING: AN ACTOR’S APPROACH 2021 – Live Irruption / Pool (no water)

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 tour of Pool (no water) was cancelled. Nevertheless, out the various restrictions and limitations, the creative team (consisting of 2 directors, 1 curator, 2 videographers and 1 sound designer) managed to transform this into a digital presentation. By combining the social phenomenon of the past year with artist’s own experiences and collaborative creation, the project presents 15 clips on the internet.

Drawing upon real life stories of performers, the initiative shares the anecdotes on life and creativity. In the end, this exploratory project will culminate in a theatre performance based on the script of Pool (no water) by British playwright Mark Ravenhill.

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