Percussive Art Adventure - A Tour between Virtuality and Reality

Gip Percussion Ensemble

Percussive Art Adventure – A Tour between Virtuality and Reality

The project will be divided into two stages. Stage One will be a music video tour about the performing site. This will allow the audience to understand the connection between arts and daily life. Stage Two will be an exhibition created with virtual reality technology and a kick-off ceremony. This activity invites artists from different backgrounds to perform together, such as underprivileged groups, ethnics minorities, children, youth. Diverse elements such as xiqu, Irish dance, African drums and percussion performances will be included. Audience can enjoy the experience with the VR viewer and their mobile phones.

Gip Percussion Ensemble

Gip Percussion Ensemble is dedicated to the education and promotion of percussion music in Hong Kong. Its vision is to gather all the musicians in Hong Kong to form a percussion ensemble to demonstrate the cultural strength of the industry. Gip Percussion Ensemble is also devoted to providing performance opportunities to young musicians, as well as advocating the art of percussion and nurturing teenage music talents in Hong Kong. With the grant received from HKADC’s the Emerging Artists Scheme, the group organises an annual music camp and mini concert which features young musicians, as well as invite foreign percussionists to the annual event to engage in cultural exchange and in-depth discussion on the percussion art.

Touring Youth Square and Breaking Percussion Boundaries

The project is divided into three parts:

A. Promotional Video

To give audience a refreshing impression, the video has invited various groups in Hong Kong to participate, including Hong Kong Figure Roller Skating Team representative. The video is accompanied by percussion music to set the rhythm of the introduction of Youth Square as a community art space.

B. VR Art Exhibition Space 

In this virtual reality experience, percussion music integrates different art genres. Without setting foot out of their homes, the audience can walk around different rooms in Youth Square through the VR viewing box. They are able to visit exhibitions, watch performances and interact in games to experience an unconventional music journey.

C. Kick-Off Ceremony Music Concert

Held at Youth Square, the concert is composed of different types of percussion performances to give audience a unique artistic experience. The performers include renowned Cantonese opera artist, Irish dance dancers and mentally disabled participants from St. James’ Settlement African Drums Group.