Subdivided Unit - E-story book with interactive VR & AR applications

Project Space Limited

Subdivided Unit – E-story book with interactive VR & AR applications

The core of this electronic application-based project is the water/ink-coloured illustrated book entitled This is my home, which depicts the living conditions and daily situations faced by children living in subdivided units. In addition to storytelling, the application will also use AR technology to show how a 600 square-feet flat is subdivided into smaller units. Viewers will be shown the interior of a subdivided unit by means of virtual reality.

Project Space Limited

In order to provide the basic living space and hygienic environment for underprivileged families and their children in particular, Project Space integrates architecture and interior design towards comprehensive home improvement solutions. The company is keen on extending community art and environmental conservation through education, as well as organising volunteer service teams to reconnect underprivileged families with the community, and hence creating a harmonious community and sustainable living.

A Glimpse of Life in Virtual Subdivided Units

This project invites the viewer to experience the subdivided unit from a first-person perspective. The application shows the evolution of how a 600 feet residential flat can be divided into several subdivided units through Augmented Reality (AR). AR can present how those subdivided units are built in third dimension – from original residential rooms to subdivided units, and then to small and narrow “coffin rooms”. Also, this application shows the actual environment of a subdivided unit through Virtual Reality (VR), in which the participants can experience the narrow space of the subdivided unit by using their mobile phones or laptops. The application also includes the e-book entitled This is my home, which illustrates the daily life and feelings of children living in a subdivided unit.

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