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Power Up for Arts Go Digital!

The unexpected waves of pandemic have brought the society of Hong Kong to almost a stand-still since last January. The arts industry and its practitioners had experienced unprecedented challenges and severe setbacks as performances, exhibitions and activities were reluctantly postponed or cancelled.

With the donations from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) launches the Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme to provide timely relief for artists and arts groups, who are encouraged to channel their creativity  through the development of digital or virtual artistic content. The three main goals of the Scheme are:

  1. To find and to offer solace through artistic responses to everyday life under the pandemic;
  2. To interact with existing supporters through high quality and innovative online arts content, while broadening the reach to potential viewers at the same time; and
  3. To promote social inclusion especially to homebound persons, their minders and ethnic minorities.

Due to the enthusiastic response, a total of 58 “General Projects” and 10 “Elevated Projects” are shortlisted. The 68 projects cover a wide range of art forms and disciplines, including dance, music, xiqu, film and media arts, literature, visual arts, multi-disciplinary arts, conducted through an array of online and offline mediums. The HKADC takes this opportunity to thank its venue partners, Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Youth Square, for their support in keeping arts alive.

Under the Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme, the projects will be organised and promoted in six categories: “Glimpse” and “Learn” respond to the pandemic via education on and appreciation of the various art forms. “Amazed” and “Involved” promote unconventional and interactive arts experiences for viewers, whereas “In Hong Kong” and “Together” highlight distinctive local cultural features and foster social inclusion.

Arts never fail to nurture and revitalize even at the hardest times. Power up and get ready for Arts Go Digital!













*Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in the projects do not represent the stand of the Council.