CMT Musical Series: The Footprints

Hong Kong Children's Musical Theatre

CMT Musical Series: The Footprints

“The Footprints” Musical Series includes interactive musical workshops and musical performances. Through musical and story-telling elements, we hope to enable communications among children, parents and grandparents with an aim to enhance their relationships. The series is adapted from the children’s picture book Now One Foot, Now the Other. Audience and participants experience the daily life of the characters, going through their funny stories as the musical unfolds. With parent-child puppet making interactive sessions, audience will have the opportunity to create their own stories and make sweet memories through various types of puppets.

Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre

Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre (CMT) is the first theatre established by Ms Ada Wong, JP and Ms Justine Woo in Hong Kong that aspires to empower children and teenagers to take centre stage at professional musical theatre productions. Since 1998, CMT has provided professional, continuing and multi-faceted musical theatre training and large-scale performance opportunities to children and teenagers. CMT strives to inspire children’s growth with the stimulating nature of musical theatre art, to develop their innate potential, establish their uniqueness and nourish their holistic well-being. CMT has been a venue partner of Tsuen Wan Town Hall since 2018.

A Heart-Warming Musical about which Bonds Across Generations

Based on children’s picture book, The Footprints presents the original story in musical format. By focusing on the relationship and memories between the grandpa and the granddaughter, the creative team wishes the viewers will resonate with the characters and reflect upon daily communications and situations between grandparents-parents and children.

1) The Footprints Musical (Online Version)

Adapted from Now One Foot, Now the Other, the musical records each unforgettable step in the diary dedicated to Hong Kongers. Before departing for studying abroad, Bowie recalls the memories with grandpa since childhood from old photos. From Bowie making her first steps to grandpa trying to walk after recovering from serious illness, their footprints paint a collage of warm moments between the two.

2) Online Interactive Musical Workshop

In traditional Chinese family, a close filial bond between grandparents and grandchildren is seen as a sign of perfection. However, the levels of education and changing values between generations often lead to barriers to such relationship goals. Assisted by actors, the participants can make up their own stories with the help of props. They can express their unspoken feelings via the puppet making interactive sessions. Children are also encouraged to find an outlet for their creativity and imagination while creating the handicrafts.

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