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Dance Virtual@TAI PO

The interactive online platform serves two purposes: to connect the community of Tai Po and to create an unconventional theatre experience for the viewers. The website uses VR technology to take the viewer on a self-determined tour route, in which they explore representative heritage sites and activate dance performances associated with specific landmarks. Some of the backdrops are shot with 180-degree panorama, which creates the illusion of the viewer being present at actual location. Online dance tutorials with adjustable speeds are also available for viewers to learn Bollywood dance moves and discover Indian culture.

BEYOND Bollywood Limited

Founded in 2015, BEYOND Bollywood is dedicated to advancing the concepts of cultural diversity, equality, respect and community inclusion through Bollywood dance. Apart from bringing together Bollywood dancer practitioners, the company has developed sustainable partnerships with numerous non-profit organisations, universities, private and social enterprises in community dance projects, with the aim of raising public awareness on finding value and providing opportunity for those who are often overlooked in Hong Kong.

Dancing All the Way from India to Tai Po

Whether it is people rushing for errands during the day, or hurrying their way home in the evening, the streets of Tai Po often fade into the background with plenty of historic treasures to be discovered. This project aims to connect the Tai Po community through dances of India and to create an alternative theatre experience for the public.

The project consists of two main units:
1. Treasure Hunting in Tai Po: Through the Eyes of the Dancer
Viewers can follow the dancer(s) in a tour to some of the historic buildings in Tai Po and watch performances of dances of India against the backdrop of the community’s landmarks.

2. Up-close and Moving in Tai Po: Interactive Dance Videos and Tutorials
By selecting specific sites on the website’s interactive map, viewers will be shown videos of dances of India in 180-degree view. They can also find out more about the moves and culture of dances of India through the tutorial clips, which can be adjusted in speed to facilitate learning.

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