Recreating Traditional Quyi – Paiziqu

Li Man-chung, Mark

Recreating traditional Quyi – Paiziqu

When Cantonese opera emerged as a new art form, performers inherited the use of zhongzhou yun – the archaic dialect of the Central Plains, as in other forms of xiqu. Though later Cantonese opera took its flight by using the Cantonese dialect, the roots of its traditional language shall not be forgotten. This project invites various artistes to perform paiziqu using authentic zhongzhou yun, making these classics of early Cantonese opera available online for the public.

Law Ka-ying

Dr. Law Ka-ying has performed in Cantonese Opera as wenwuseng (lyrical and martial male character) since the mid-1960s and has founded various troupes in in the next two decades. Best known for his performances in numerous traditional and original repertoires, Dr. Law is dedicated to passing on his skills and knowledge to the new generation.

Chau Nim-wa

Chau Nim-wa was awarded the Best Cinematography in Fresh Wave 2014 and have been working on his documentary about Dr. Law Ka Ying’s life and artistic view since 2015.

Li Man-chung

Li Man-chung has dedicated himself to documentaries production in China and Hong Kong. His documentary in the multimedia project “On Harmony as Such / On the Harmony of Men” was featured in the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial in Japan.

In Reminiscences of the Archaic Dialect of Cantonese Opera

Artistic Director: Law Ka-ying

A. Videos for the Analysis and Appreciation of Paiziqu

Songs and Performers:

Zhuifu – Chan Hei-yu, Chloe
Tanwujgeng – Loong Koon-tin
Bieji – Wan Yuk-yu
Tanyanhui – Yuen Ying-wah
Kuwanghun – Tam Wing-lun, Alan
Jiudi – Law Ka-ying
Xueleihua – Lau Yu-feng
Zhuixin – Wong Ho-yau
Anliuguo – Chan Hung-chun

B. Videos for the Analysis and Appreciation of Xiaoqu

Songs and Performers:

Sifan – Lin Ying-shi
Hefan – Cheng Wing-mui, Susanna
Mayulang – Chong Yuen-sin, Vicky

C. Appreciation and Introduction Videos

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