Self-guided for watching Paichang (formulaic staging) "Execution of the Duke’s Second Brother"

Kim Lun Cantonese Opera Troupe

Self-guided for watching Paichang (formulaic staging) “Execution of the Duke’s Second Brother”

This project aims at demonstrating traditional “sequences” (paichang) in Chinese opera. The following excerpts, namely “The Enlisting”, “Brothers in Arms”, “Execution of the Duke’s Second Brother”, “Preparing the Horse” and “The Besieged” are highlighted for the extensive use of bodily gestures, spoken dialogues and sung portions. The original three-hour performance is reduced to a concise 2.5 hours. The performance will be accompanied by the “WhatsApp appreciation guide”. with the assistance of social media technology, audience are equipped with a convenient and proactive option to learn about the facts and knowledge of Cantonese opera while they enjoy the performance in real time.

Kim Lun Cantonese Opera Troupe

Kim Lun Cantonese Opera Troupe was established in 2017. The troupe consists of local Cantonese opera loving young artists. The troupe provided them the opportunity to explore and create pieces that showcases minority character classes. The troupe strives to make Cantonese opera a more diverse art form. While preserving the essence of the classic vocal and acting traditions, the troupe endeavours to instilling a youthful quality into its performances, to attract a broader audience, as well as to increase the popularity of Cantonese opera among young audiences.

An Appreciation of Classic “Sequences” (paichang) in Cantonese Opera

Execution of the Duke’s Second Brother is a classic from the eighteen “Grand Sequences” (paichang) of Cantonese Opera. The play consists characters from all classes and a dramatic storyline, with exciting scenes of classic sequences like “chair stand”, “stance on high platform” and many others. Due to the vocals being sung in the antiquated Zhongzhou dialect, it might be difficult for audiences to comprehend. To help audience understand the sequences, this presentation will condense the original plays into three scenes, namely “Sworn Brothers”, “Execution of the Duke” and “Lamenting of the Besieged”. The stage is configured in the traditional one table two chairs setting, to reduce any distraction of the audience attention from the action.

The in-venue performance has been presented in March (please click here for more details), followed by a premium edition on YouTube channel.

Premium Edition on YouTube with WhatsApp Appreciation Guide 

Part 1 – Sworn Brothers

Part 2 – Execution of the Duke

Part 3 – Lamenting of the Beseiged

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