Video Ensemble [2]021: A Room with A View (from Isolation)

Wong Wo-bik

Video Ensemble [2]021: A Room with A View (from Isolation)

The curator pairs 9 artists with 9 local and international composers to create an “uninhabited island”, which constitutes an artistic community and collective exhibition space. Each creative pair inhibits a designated spot on this “island” and presents their artistic effort through an LED window. The public is then invited to navigate and explore the “island” online, getting behind the wheels of a VE Rover. Through the application of new media arts and technology, viewers can enjoy and interact with artworks under the situation of COVID-19.

Wong Wo-bik

An active photographer and mixed media artist, curator, researcher and art educator, Wong Wo-bik’s works constantly reveal city architecture and daily livelihood, conflict and balance, fabrication and reality. Recently, she created video works (with drone video to present alternative space) with still photographs, music and narration to transcend altered reality. Wong cooperates with the curator, Fung Bing-fai to present an updated version of the original analogue video exhibition held at 1a Space twenty years ago.

Folding Installation, Exhibition and Immersive Adventure into a “Mini-Planet”

The project involves 9 teams in the creation of individual works combining digital technology with dance, music, still and moving images conveyed via three screen panels in each case. The resultant collection of video works, identified as Spectrum 01 to 09, constitute to an installation-cum-group exhibition (video ensemble) mounted on a total of 27 video screen panels housed in a large exhibition space.

The project consists of three main components:

1. Physical Exhibition

An actual set-up of the exhibition to suggest the milieu of an uninhabited mini planet inspired by The Little Prince, where viewers can wander and explore the exhibits at will.

Date: 1/5 – 30/6/2021
Venue: Rm801, 8/F, PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus, Hong Kong (On-site visit on each Saturday & Sunday, 2-6pm by registration)

2. Online Virtual Exhibition

a. With advanced registration and installation of an app, viewers can explore the exhibition as the pilot of the remote rover car on their mobile phones or computers.

b. Viewers can also choose to experience the exhibition via a pre-set riding-course orchestrated by creative team.

3. Education Talks

Selected artists will team up as presenters of three talks on the know-how of digital applications in arts including the demonstration of live coding for online performance, new approaches to the optical world (camera and videography), and discussion on the modes and scales of immersive exhibition.

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