We Draw We Talk - Us in Epidemic

Wheel Thing Makers Creative Society

We Draw We Talk – Us in Epidemic

This is a six-month cross-disciplinary arts and education programme, which aims at providing a precious opportunity for Special Education Needs students with outstanding artistic potentials an online platform to explore their creativity. Practicing artists will also involve in the communication and co-creation process. Through this project, the organisers wish to offer consolation and windows of communication for SEN students, whose learning and daily activities are seriously hampered by the epidemic. The online interactions of the students provide a great opportunity for the public to appreciate their artistic talent.

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The Wheel Thing Makers Creative Society

The Wheel Thing Makers Creative Society combined creativity, applied technologies and social innovation into a 3,600 square-foot creation space, specialising in the creation of wheel installations, community arts and public education. The Society has created and designed numerous interactive arts installations and organised various types of social workshops to connect the community. Sponsored by Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Society works in close collaboration with the Hong Chi Morninghope School in Tuen Mun, as well as planning various community arts activities.

Collaborative Digital Art Project by Artists and SEN Students

The six-month project brings together 3 artists from various disciplines in collaboration with 6 special education needs (SEN) students from the Hong Chi Morninghope School in Tuen Mun (whose condition ranges from mild intellectual disability, autism, hyperactivity and dyslexia) in creation of artworks. The resultant works, combined with the use of interactive digital creation, Touch Design, will be transformed into visual digital works that can be interactively output simultaneously. The audiences can access these creations on smart phones or computers that have internet access and interact with the artworks in real time. In addition, the entire creation journey – especially the process of creation, the challenges and restrictions that had been encountered, and the transformation from the past to the present – will be recorded by the filming team and shown to audiences. The purpose of the video is to help the public understand the objectives and concept of the project, to promote digital arts as a means to narrow the disparity between arts and the public, and respond to pandemic situation through arts.

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