"ACG SPARKS" - Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project

Film Culture Centre (HK)

“ACG SPARKS” – Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project

FCCUK collaborates with students from the Animation and Visual Effects programme of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (previously The Open University of Hong Kong) in creating a series of 2D/3D shorts infused with distinctive local themes and elements. This collection of works is open for creative dubbing by the public which encourage new interpretation of the plot and the dialogue. The project puts the creators of the animation in touch with potential writers and voice actors, allowing the parties to bounce off ideas regardless of geographical and physical constraints.

Film Culture Centre (HK)

Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) (FCCHK), is a non-profit arts organisation founded in 1999. Inheriting the legacy of the Hong Kong Film Culture Centre, FCCHK continues to be focused on Hong Kong’s film, visual media and culture development. Since its establishment, FCCHK has been actively involved in the arts and culture, film, education and general community. By organising various workshops, seminars, screening sessions, guided tours and competitions, FCCHK aims at promoting film culture to the public and to elicit greater interest in film culture.

A Showcase of Local Animation and Dubbing Talents

The purpose of this project is to foster exchanges between animation creations and dubbing outside of the studio through online communications. Local students enrolled in the animation programme of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (previously The Open University of Hong Kong) are invited to create 6 animated shorts on various relatable topics. Interested viewers can reinterpret a work of their choosing through creative dubbing. Submitted works will be shown on the Film Culture Centre’s official Facebook and YouTube channel. The public can feedback through giving ‘likes’ on the social media platforms.

1. Tram Journey

A pair of twin sisters fight over a stuffed toy and the younger leaves home after the toy was torn. The two make peace in the end after learning the importance of sharing.

Animation team: Yip Hiu-tung, Lam Wing-yee, Yuen Tsz-yau, Lam Huen-kei, Tung Nga-wai

2. Remember “You”

Siu-ming is an amateur photographer and thinks Hong Kong is too ordinary for stunning pictures. One day, a girl takes him on a journey of fun new places. Only then does Siu-ming realise how little he knows about the city he calls home.

Animation team: Leung Ka-po, Chung Suet-ying, Ku Lai-ying

3. Love Story on Refuge Island

One afternoon during the pandemic, a boy is told to walk the dog by his mom. It is strangely quiet on the road. The boy entertains himself with a little daydream of his own at the traffic lights and is brought to reality again by a phone call from mom.

Animation team: So Wai, Tjang Ka-wai, Chan Suet-ping

4. Our Last Film

Man-jai’s dad used to deliver film reels in the 80s and he often tagged along on dad’s motorbike en route and enjoyed movies from the screening room. An inspired Man-jai followed his father’s profession. By 2010, when movie reels are eventually replaced by digital technology, the father and son watched the last film together in the theatre after Man-jai’s final delivery.

Animation team: Lai Kwan-chak, Law Ho-yin

5. Workaholic

Under Typhoon Signal No.3, the housing estate becomes flooded. As the character gets ready for work, he dives right into the puddle outside and meets his chubby colleague. The two tries to come up with whimsical ways to get to the office on time.

Animation team: Yu Wing-yin, Ho Hei-to, Wong Shu-ting

6. Market Mayhem

Everyone scrambles for face masks under the pandemic and long lines are formed outside the supermarkets. The protagonist and all the “mask seekers” get into an action-packed race to the cashier.

Animation team: Sum Kin-fai, Wong You-wai