"Octagon Language Corner" + "Deaf and Hearing Connects"

v-artivist Co. Ltd.

“Octagon Language Corner” + “Deaf and Hearing Connects”

As its name suggests, the “Octagon Language Corner” covers a total of 8 different languages. Facilitated with Cantonese and English subtitles, the viewer is encouraged to learn simple conversation in 6 different languages of various ethnic minorities.

Through the videos, we hope our friends from Hong Kong, different nationalities and ethnicities can learn to greet and care for each other in a familiar tongue.

“The Deaf and Hearing Connects” series includes short clips of impromptu dance workshops and videos of deaf people’s self-expression through sign language. The series hopes to promote the harmonious rapport between the hearing person and the deaf.

v-artivist Co. Ltd.

v-artivist is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating documentaries that nurtures society and popularizes video media. v-artivist explores diverse grassroots aesthetics in different ways and promotes the popularization of artistic creation. The company aims at helping grassroots citizens overcome barriers to artistic creation, such as of awareness, techniques, and resources, and at the same time, encourages mutual respect for artistic creation and appreciation.

Overcoming the Barriers of Language and Sounds

Promoting a Better Understanding of Ethnic Minorities and the Hearing Impaired

1. The Octagon Language Corner

The “Octagon Language Corner” brings together Hong Kong residents from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and other ethnic origins in a series of tutorials in their native language. Through the videos supplemented with Cantonese and English translations, viewers can learn simple greetings and try to use them in context. There will also be a situational skit for demonstration purpose at the end of each video. Viewers can also leave their comments and requests via platforms of v-artivist or grassmediaction.

2. Deaf and Hearing Connects

The “Deaf and Hearing Connects” series includes short videos of improvisatory dance workshops and others containing self-expression messages in sign language by the deaf. By using sign language, images and physical expression, the series hopes to promote the harmonious relationship between the hearing person and the deaf.

Dance Less Sound

After four sessions of workshops, deaf participants perform the “Dance of Description” in the workshop’s showcase.

Shot/Edited by: Kong Yiu-wing | Performance: Deaf participants and hearing participants of the impromptu dance workshop | Production: v-artivist | Language: Chinese |2020| 22 mins

No Music Can Dance

11 deaf and 4 hearing people participated in an improvisatory dance workshop. Together with instructors and sign language interpreters, they explored the possibility of dancing without music and designated movements.

Shot/Edited by: Kong Yiu-wing | Production: v-artivist | Language: Hong Kong sign language/Cantonese (Chinese subtitle) |2020| 18 mins

Sharings from the Deaf

Through sign languages and videos, the deaf participants share their past experiences, challenges in various aspects of life and their hopes for the future.

The Thoughts of Luk

The Thoughts of Hing Wu

The Thoughts of Yuet Sheung

The Thoughts about Sign Language