My Second Life - Experimental Performance on Facebook

Wong Hon-ching

My Second Life – Experimental Performance on Facebook

While the pandemic robs performers and audience of live performance spaces, the project provides an alternative platform via the social media. Through the “stage” constructed upon a Facebook group, the audience is invited to delve into the inner lives of the characters and uncover the mysteries fabricated in the virtual world. This experimental production reflects on the intermediality between text and production, as well as the reversible roles between the performers and the speculators.

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Wong Hon-ching

Wong Hon-ching graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School in 2013 with her Bachelor’s degree in acting. At the Academy, Wong received the Leslie Cheung Memorial Scholarship (Outstanding Award). Her previous directing and theatre experiences included: the movie 29+1 (Assistant Director on Acting), The Island of Golden Fish from the New-Wrighting Series of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (Actress), Histoire du Soldat and I Want Euthanasia by Théâtre de la Feuille (Actress), podcast drama If the world have no rain (Director) and “Still Here” (Scriptwriter and Director). In 2017, Wong founded Drips Creation and became the artistic director of the group. She is now a freelance actress, scriptwriter, director and drama educator.

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This project stages the performance on Facebook, the social media used by 80% of the Hong Kong population. The viewers are encouraged to follow and participate in the performance itself.

1. Experimental Performance on Facebook

The text of the performance is derived from both the real and the abstract aspects of the virtual world. It attempts to examine the psychology and behaviour in a virtual community, while exploring new approaches to narrative and alternative dynamics between the performers and the audience.

2. Recorded Documentary

A reconstruction of the experimental performance enhanced by commentaries. This version will serve as an archive and an alternative reading of the text.

3. Written Evaluation

A review and response to the initial ideas and production process from the perspective of the creators.