One Two One Two

Blue Ka-wing

One Two One Two

One Two One Two explores the relationship between sports and dance. The creative team discover the possibilities of physical movements with reference to specific sports activities. Through three short clips and three interactive videos, viewers can choose to assume the role as the dancer and to experience dance from the artist’s perspective.

Blue Ka-wing

Blue Ka Wing is an independent dance artist in Hong Kong. Her work Time Lag got the shortlisted nomination by Hong Kong Dance Award 2017 as Outstanding Choreography. Besides performing arts, Blue is also interested in making dance film, including God Limps and 9. The later one is awarded the Mención especial Fiver from Fiver International Screendance Movement; 2019 International Dance Video Award and Audience’s Choice from One Minute Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition. She is also commissioned by Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival in 2020 for the 21-minute dance film Mountains, Seas, Panorama.

Wilfred Wong

Wilfred Wong graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the creative director of an experimental art group HerStory Polygon since 2011. He also joined different creations independently, including dance films Mountains, Seas, Panorama, 9 and An Oral History of Hong Kong Dance (1950s-70s) for CCDC.

Three Dance Video Creations Inspired by Ball-Like Flexibility

The project explores “flexibility” from three different entry points, creating three dance videos. The project also produces interactive videos and 360° dance production documentaries, inviting audience to reflect on their viewing perspectives.

1. Basketball Player Dances

The video oscillates between the basketball handling by the player and the absence of the basketball to compare “the body in motion” with “the imaginary body”. It ponders the process of action-forming and its results. Visual language is employed to manifest the misplaced scenes.

2. What is Bouncing

The video is shot by a slow-motion camera in the action laboratory. The host throws different types of ball-like objects at the white wall, while imitating the ball’s kinetic energy and bounciness with his body (at normal speed or in slow motion) and even catching the ball with different body parts.

3. From Hong Kong Bounce to Brussels

Blue Ka-wing and Wilfred Wong, who are based in Hong Kong, came up with topics to work with Calvin Ngan and Patrick Pun in Brussels. The four artists bounced back and forth mentally. In addition to communicating via video calls, they respectively looked for materials based on several topics in their local cities. The bouncing and rebounding of thoughts have drawn countless parabolas and accumulated contrasting videos for the integration and comparison of the similarities of buildings, scenes, spatial distribution and lines of the two places.

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