Reincarnation of Zhao Feiyan (Online Interactive Version)

Grand Xiqu

Reincarnation of Zhao Feiyan (Online Interactive Version)

In keeping with the theatrical aesthetics of Cantonese opera, this production adapts the stage version of the original work into a movie version, with an aim to appeal to audience who would not normally sit through a three-hour long Cantonese opera performance. The adaptation invites audience to assume the role of the reincarnated classic beauty Zhao Feiyan and make choices on her behalf, which will ultimately decide the outcome of her fate.

Grand Xiqu

Grand Xiqu was founded by professional xiqu artists and practitioners. The troupe is devoted to the promotion and preservation of xiqu art. The creative team is headed by Artistic Director Ko Yun-hung and prima donna Dianna Tse, with Yuen Siu-fai acting as artistic consultant. The troupe dedicates its efforts to the nurturing of young talents and young audience, while maintaining its existing audience base. Original productions by Grand Xiqu includes Painted Skin, Song of Courtship and House of The Drunken Almond.

Deciding and Altering the Fate of Zhao Feiyan

Through the new interactive website, the audience is able to play the role of Zhao Feiyan and make decisions for her romance and destiny. Different choices will lead to different endings.


Introduction of the main characters:

Zhao Feiyan

Formerly known as Zhao Yizhu, the passionate dancer is frail. After being selected to serve the emperor, she has been learning to dance in Princess Yang’s Mansion. With her slender body, she dances as light as a flying swallow – hence the byname “Zhao Feiyan”.

Emperor Cheng of Han

On an inspection in disguise, he pays a visit to Princess Yang’s Mansion. Seeing Zhao Feiyan’s dancing, he decides to keep her at the Palace. He has been refused by Zhao Feiyan three times due to her illnesses. He is longing to make the beauty truly his.

Prince of Dingtao

With wealth and power, he meets Zhao Feiyan by chance. Fallen in love with Zhao Feiyan, he always visits Princess Yang’s Mansion to dance and play musical instruments with Zhao Feiyan and her sister.

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