Serenity Cruising

Jabin Law

Serenity Cruising

By cruising on one’s mobile or computer, the viewer can find his/her corner of serenity and be transported from reality to virtuality with different music genres. The seven teams of musicians, including Jabin Law, MouseFX, Angus Tang and Ram Cheung, The Boogie Playboys, Lui Ngao-yuen and Mavis Lam, Wong Kei-ching and “Hakgwai” Lau Chun-Ho, will stand by at seven surprisingly locations. The presence of the viewer will initiate the 360-degree virtual performance. They are also invited to participate in a post-performance exchange session on the social media, in which audience can share their thoughts with one and other.

Jabin Law

Jabin Law is a Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter. His music bears the weight of urbanism. Nurtured by Dylanology and 90’s alternative rock movement, Law has written hundreds of songs since 2012.

The Magic of Seven: A New Music Landscape in Panorama

Under the pandemic, the lockdown and social distancing become the new normal. Not only does it bring irreversible changes to our lives, the current situation also challenges creative artists to redeem the value of virtual music by putting it in new and popular context.

“Serenity Cruising” captures the performance with the whole ambience using 360-degree video technology, which transports the audience into the scenery and ambience of specific locations.

The project brings together 7 musicians and band performing their signature styles on different locations, including:

1. Mousefx plays Cantonese reggae at North Point pier, singing out loud the love and peace of Rastafari;

2. Mavis Lam and Lui Ngao-yuen blends the beauty of Pipa and Double Bass at Wen Wu Temple;

3. With the 50s sound and outfit, The Boogie Playboys rocks their Cantonese rockabilly at its best;

4. Ram Cheung & Angus Tang bring back the good old days of Delta Blues with guitar and blues harp;

5. Wong Kei-ching renders her unique style at the Kowloon Union Church;

6. At a hidden ruin, the folk music of Jabin Law presents a sense of peace with a hint of urbanism;

7. Hakgwai cleaves open a meditative space unbounded by time and space with his mesmerising performance.